Earlier today I was thinking back on something that happened to me a few months ago. I was sitting in a local coffee shop here in Pittsburgh and next to me was this adorable little girl running around and weaving in and out of tables as her mother spoke with a friend. I smiled at her and then went back to typing up something I was working on. It was only a few moments later that something hit me, hard. Something fascinating yet intimidating, overwhelming yet so clear and obvious. Everything about this little girl's life when she grows up is currently being built.

Every choice we make today, every single policy change, every single ground-shaking beautiful innovation, and every single horrific human blunder will directly shape what the world is for this little girl. 

 This was a tremendously heavy but incredible realization. We really do, right now, have the choice to shape the world for the next generation and for generations after that. We have the ability to make her world better. I'm not saying the world isn't good now, truthfully things are amazing by the very definition of amazing, but they could be better. Better is going to take some gutsy actions though. I wish I could convince every person that was going day to day working just to get by to stop, take a breath, and change directions because better has never been accomplished by someone just trying to make it by. I know that's a lofty sentence and a bit "reach for the stars" but a human life is just too amazing of a thing to waste on getting by. The impact one person can have is something to behold. I'm always amazed when I see someone take a bit of a risk and step out to take on a dream they held. Sometimes it works out tremendously for them, other times it crashes horrifically. But each time something is changed, something is made better. We have a simple choice, we can continue to just get by or we can be a bit gutsy, be a bit bold, be a bit more us, and leave the world better.