Realtor to Pittsburgh

Selling a home is easy. Let me show you.

I'm a Pittsburgh-area Realtor with RE/MAX Select Realty. I have a focus in both residential and commercial real estate. I work with everyone from first-time home buyers to the largest corporations in Pittsburgh and love every moment of it. (more...)


Why use me?

Tech has the amazing potential to bring the world closer together. I use technology to breakdown some of the old barriers in real estate, to ensure that 24 hours a day, you have access to the information that you need. That in mind, I also prioritize face to face. Technology can be a huge benefit to the industry, but not a substitute for people.



So, where do I sell?

(far and wide)

I service throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area as well as its outlying suburbs.

Robinson to Murrysville, Cranberry to Upper St. Clair.

Bill was great! Very friendly, easy to talk to, and definitely made the purchase of my first home a breeze! I’d recommend him to anyone buying a home, or property, without a doubt.
— J.A.